Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Braided Nails

I have been going nail CRAZY lately, and attempting more and more nail art (though extremely easy nail art) to try and switch from my regular boring nail polish. This time, I attempted to do braided nails, one hand pink and silver the other purple and silver. I achieved this look by attempting to recreate the braid motion but with nail polish. The main difference though, is that I started off painting my whole nail silver, and then used all 3 polish colors back and forth to get a braid look. It turned out better than I expected though!
   If you try this nail art, I would love to see how it turns out! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Natural Spring Makeup

So because it's getting warmer and nicer out, I wanted a more natural look with brown liner instead of my usual black, and a softer taupe shadow with a brighter highlight in the inner corners. I also used a slightly barbier pink that I would generally choose. Please excuse the random earbuds!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Partner Youtube Channel!

I am so excited to be starting a youtube channel with my close friend Isabel, so if anyone stumbles across this and has some free time, be sure to check it out!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top 5 Favorites of 2011

2011 is over, and as 2012 will be so much fun and full of new and amazing makeup products, I want to reflect on some of my favorite products this year. (My top 5 to be exact) ((picture not mine, as my camera is freaking out for some reason))

#5) CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eyeliner Pencil. This is my absolute favorite eyeliner for my lining my lower lashline and tightlining the top, it is a cheap alternative to higher end brands like Mac and Urban Decay, and it lasts all day on my eyes which is hard to find in drugstore brands sometimes. Love this product!

#4) EOS Lip Balm. This is my go to lip balm that I always have a few of at a time, to keep in pencil cases, makeup bags and purses. In various flavors/scents, these are an amazing buy and I recommend picking one up at a drugstore or beauty supply store if you see them!

#3) Benefit Bad Gal Mascara. This is my all time favorite mascara, and doesn't take dozens of coats to make a difference. It's perfect for giving extreme volume and length but not clumping or grouping your lashes together. I love this product and will keep repurchasing.

#2) Mac Paint Pot in Painterly. Paint pots are one of the most versatile products for eyes that I have found, as they can be a base, a shadow, or even a highlight depending on the shade. (I have also seen painterly used as a concealer, though I don't personally like it for that purpose...) I highly recommend paint pots, and painterly is a great matte option for a base if UDPP or other primers aren't your preference.

#1) The Urban Decay Naked Palette. This is probably my most used makeup, and it is the most amazing palette with the best shades for my personal style and I don't know what I would do without it! I highly recommend it to anyone who LOVES neutrals and isn't afraid of some shimmer, and it was well worth the money.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Violent Lips Review

Recently I was sent about 200 temporary tattoos from the Violent Lips company to review and to spread the word on. At first I was extremely skeptical, but excited to try them. My initial reaction was, WOW! They are not disappointing! It took a few tries to get it right, but once I got the hang of them, I have to say I would recommend them to EVERYONE. They really do last 4-8 hours with eating and drinking, and I love how cool and funky they look. Personally I would not wear them everyday to school, but on a day out with friends, or especially around Halloween (perfect timing!) they complete any extreme look! If you are looking for something fun and creative to try, check these out at your local Sephora, or online. Have fun! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Brassy-Gold & Winged Look

Hi there! I created this look because I wanted a very simple, extrememely wearable look with some bolder eyeliner than I usually go for, so I decided to use my e.l.f cream liner in black with a matte black eyeshadow from my e.l.f. palette for the liner. For the shadow I first applied my MAC paint pot in painterly, then adding a beigey-champagne color from LancĂ´me, then finishing off with a golden color from my e.l.f. palette. For highlight I used the shimmery white from my e.l.f palette (as you can probably tell I am OBSESSED with e.l.f, as a student I am always on a beauty budget!) and finished off the look with a Willi Smith pink lipgloss. I hope you liked this look, and please excuse the horrific photo quality, backgrounds and....really everything about the photos! I am still figuring out what angles, lights and background work the best! Thanks for reading, and have fun!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: elf Cosmetics (as a whole)

e.l.f. Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands of makeup because they are so cheap but for the most part are actually very good quality. There used to be some problems with their shipping taking between 2-4 weeks to arrive, but since they have updated their shipping and are now very prompt. My last order came within 4 days of ordering! I have never not liked a product from either their mineral or studio lines, and for the most part their $1 essential products are pretty amazing, though all makeup is a matter of preference and opinion and everyone's skin is different. I highly recommend trying e.l.f if you are looking for good quality inexpensive makeup, or if you are a beginner and need tons of products, e.l.f has everything you could need!

have fun! :)